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19 Sep 2018 Power Float Deals!

Save 10-15% October through November on Power Floats, Lyme Disease tests, Flu vaccines, and more! This Fall, save money and make sure your animals are healthy for the Winter.     Leatherstocking is offering fantastic deals on dental work all throughout the fall season this year! You can save...

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Smiling horse in sunlight. close up.

09 Nov Selenium and Vitamin E

Vitamin E and Selenium are important in developing and maintaining healthy muscle, nerve, and reproductive function in horses and ponies. In this area, we are notoriously low in natural Vitamin E and Selenium from hay and pastures. When testing levels in horses and cattle, we often...

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Wheelbarrow full of manure

08 Nov Sponsored by Merck Animal Health, Leatherstocking Veterinary Services is hosting a free Parasite Evaluation Clinic.

Internal parasite infections can affect all livestock. Bring your LIVESTOCK and HORSE manure samples to LVS clinic for a FREE parasite evaluation with Veterinary Parasitologist, Dr. Donald Bliss. INSTRUCTIONS: Collect fresh fecal samples (golf ball size or less) from animals you would like to have tested....

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