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28 Jan Dr. Rachel Visits Spring Farm Cares

The second to last week of January, Dr. Rachel had a busy day performing dental exams and power floats at Spring Farm Cares Animal and Nature Sanctuary.

Equine dental care is such an integral part of keeping a horse healthy. Unlike humans, their teeth continue to grow throughout their life. If a horse has a dental issue that causes uneven wear, the teeth will continue to grow and can either begin to interfere with other teeth, with the animal’s ability to chew, or can cause trauma by sharp points of teeth digging into their cheeks or tongue. 
In these photos you can notice these are smaller horses and donkeys. Many of them were rescued from situations where they did not receive adequate care. It is important to consider that just because these horses are older and smaller, but that they can still have significant dental pathology. 
Dr. Rachel says “I was so proud of the animals and staff today. These horses/ donkeys came to Spring Farm over the years with no reason to trust humans. Through excellent care they have become trusting and so nice to work with.”