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The Myth Of Mini Pigs

10 Sep The Myth Of Mini Pigs


   Companion pigs have become more popular recently due to the large
social media presence of mini pigs.  But while these pigs may come
across as cute and novel companions, there are very important things
to consider before adding these pets to your home.

  First, there are no such things as “teacup” or “micro” pigs. Some
breeders will often sell the fallacy that the piglets will stay small,
but mini pigs will continue to grow until they are 3-5 years old and
will weigh anywhere between 75 to 200 lbs. Due to their highly
intelligent nature, companion pigs will require consistent and
effective training and enrichment.  Often, they do better with other
pigs and need routine access to an outdoor area where they are allowed
to root and graze.  Unaltered pigs will often have severe behavioral
issues so it is very important to have your pig spayed or neutered at
an early age.  It is also important to check zoning laws before
bringing a pig into your home (most cities still consider them farm
animals and therefore are illegal).

   While companion pigs are a big investment, they can be a cheerful
addition to your home.  We encourage you to fully research what it
means to add a pig to your home.  Dr Schneider thoroughly enjoys
working with her pig patients and welcomes any questions you may have.