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Equine Navicular Syndrome

Navicular syndrome is a chronic, progressive condition that causes pain in the heel region and subsequent lameness in horses. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team knows that a navicular syndrome diagnosis is upsetting for horse owners, and we explain the condition and management strategies.  Equine navicular apparatus anatomy To understand navicular syndrome, you first must understand [...]

Antibiotic Stewardship Beef and Dairy Cattle

Ensure you have the right antibiotic for your animals when they need them. Antibiotics are a powerful tool for both animal and human health. They can be used to prevent and treat infections caused by bacteria. However, when antibiotics are used improperly, bacteria can become resistant or unresponsive. This is called antibiotic resistance (AMR). Antibiotics [...]

Mastitis in Cattle

Mastitis is one of the most common diseases affecting dairy cattle and results in significant economic losses for the global dairy industry every year. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team knows the serious toll mastitis can take on a herd, so we offer information about this disease and explain prevention techniques. Mastitis basics Mastitis causes severe [...]

Equine Asthma

Equine asthma is a common disease that can significantly affect your horse’s ability to breathe. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team knows how hard it is to watch your horse struggle to breathe. We provide information about equine asthma and management techniques to reduce triggering factors.  Equine asthma terminology Numerous terms have been used to describe [...]

Angular Limb Deformities in Foals

Many foals are born with angular limb deformities (ALDs), which should be treated early to prevent permanent soundness and athleticism complications. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team knows that a crooked-legged foal can be concerning, and we provide information about ALDs in case you have an affected foal. What is an angular limb deformity in foals? [...]

Sore Mouth in Sheep and Goats

Sore mouth is a highly contagious viral disease that causes painful skin lesions around the muzzle of affected sheep and goats. The disease is zoonotic, which means that the infection can also spread to humans. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team offers information about sore mouth and how you can protect yourself and your herd. What [...]

Cushing’s Disease in Horses

Cushing’s disease, more accurately called pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), is an endocrine disorder that affects about 20% of senior horses, ponies, and donkeys. The condition can cause serious health complications if not treated appropriately, and affected horses must be monitored regularly, so their treatment regimen can be adjusted as needed. Because our Leatherstocking Veterinary [...]

First-Aid Basics For Horses

Many horses seem to be accident prone, and an emergency can happen at any time. To help you feel prepared when your horse has an emergency, our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team provides important advice about equine first-aid basics.  Normal horse observations Knowing normal horse vitals and behavior is important, so you can recognize abnormalities if [...]

7 Senior Horse Care Tips

Older horses can provide quiet, trustworthy mounts for new riders and children, and are wonderful companions for their owners and other horses. But their needs change as they age, and they require additional care and consideration to stay in good condition. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team wants to help by providing senior horse care tips [...]

4 Common Neurologic Diseases in Horses

Several diseases can affect the horse’s central nervous system (CNS), with signs that can vary from mild gait abnormalities to a complete loss of body function control. Our Leatherstocking Veterinary Services team offers information about four common equine neurologic diseases should your horse be affected. Cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy in horses Commonly called wobbler syndrome, [...]

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