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Bovine Care

Bovines and Herd Health

At Leatherstocking Veterinary Group, we are committed to providing the best routine care, treatment of disease, and the highest quality surgical care for every animal we treat. Our team provides personal attention for each cow and complete herd health care.

Bovine Care at Leatherstocking Vet
Quality Bovine Care at Leatherstocking Vet

Complete, Quality Care for Bovines

Whether it is a single cow or an entire herd, Leatherstocking Veterinary Group offers many services, including 24/7/365 emergency coverage, to ensure the health of your animals.

On-Farm Services

Leatherstocking offers 4 full time ambulatory veterinarians serving area farms. Our services include on-farm sick cow examinations, treatments and surgeries with 24/7/365 emergency coverage.

Herd Health & Reproduction

All of our veterinarians are equipped with ultrasounds allowing for accurate pregnancy detection. We can detect pregnancy as early as 28 days. Leatherstocking’s veterinarians are well versed in setting up reproductive programs to enhance your farm’s profitability.

We also offer herd record analysis using Dairy Comp 305. Leatherstocking is proud to now offer on-farm embryo transfer services.

Drop Ship Program

For our clients with excellent payment histories, we offer a drug drop ship program that allows medications to be delivered directly to your farm at internet prices. Minimum orders apply. Contact the clinic for more information at (607) 847-9990.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house mastitis lab provides milk culture results usually within 48 hours. We also offer in-house chemistry testing-Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium,etc.-with results within hours. Amongst our laboratory services we offer milk and meat drug residue testing with same-day results.

Ask our veterinarians about a parasite control program for your farm! With our quantitative fecal testing we can allow you to understand what the needs of your herd are. Based on the results of fecal testing we configure a protocol to follow for your herd to help maximize health.