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Dental & Eye

From basic exams to complex procedures

Large Animal Dental Health

Most horse owners become concerned about their horse’s teeth when the horse is showing signs of difficulty chewing or weight loss. Potentially serious problems can sometimes be avoided by a routine dental examination and mild corrective measures before they become a problem.

We recommend an annual dental examination for all horses in order to recognize potential problems at an early state. Our dental services are offered in-house or on the farm. Using a power assisted tool, and sedation when necessary, Leatherstocking Vet Group can safely and comfortably improve and correct most dental problems.


All of our work is performed by veterinarians to insure the health and safety of your horse. Common dental procedures include:

  1. Routine floating and balancing
  2. Wolf tooth extraction
  3. Molar extraction
  4. Correction of more serious dental abnormalities


Leatherstocking offers a variety of eye health solutions for our equine patients. Our services include full eye examinations to complicated procedures.  We routinely perform standing surgeries including enucleation, third eyelid removal, and keratectomy. We also offer in-house hospital care for horses with conditions that need consistent intensive treatment or emergency situations involving trauma or laceration.

Basic Eye Care

Our services include full eye examinations with a dilated fundic/retinal exam, treatment of uncomplicated corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, recurrent uveitis and eosinophilic keratitis.

Advanced Eye Services

We also offer treatment of more complicated problems including fungal keratitis, stromal abscess, and deep/complicated corneal ulcers with the use of subpalpebral lavage systems, infusion pumps, and amnion/conjunctival grafts.