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Equine Care

Caring For Equine Companions

At Leatherstocking Veterinary Group, we are committed to providing the best routine care, reproduction services, highest quality surgical care, and more for your horses, whether you have one or one hundred. Our team provides personal and professional attention to every horse that walks through our doors or when we visit your location.

Equine Care at Leatherstocking Vet
Equine Care at Leatherstocking Vet
Equine Care at Leatherstocking Vet

Complete, Quality Care for Your Horses

At Leatherstocking Vet, we strive to provide care for all aspects of your horse’s health & life needs. From 24 hour on call services to sports medicine, our veterinarians and staff are dedicated and ready to create a great health system from birth to senior equines.

On Farm or In Clinic Routine Care

We offer exceptional routine care at our location and on your farm. With 6 veterinarians on staff, we ensure quality care for your horse.

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Keeping up with routine care ensures your horse receives needed services on a regular basis, helping to maintain great health and take preventative measures. Our routine care includes yearly vaccinations, coggins testing, physical exams, dental exams and much more.

24/7/365 Emergency Care

We proudly offer 24 hours, 7 day a week, 365 days a year emergency care to horses within a 50-mile radius of New Berlin, NY.  We have 6 vets on staff at Leatherstocking Veterinary Group to ensure your horses needs are met.

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Surgery and Hospital Care

Leatherstocking Veterinary Group accepts medical and surgical referrals from area veterinarians as well as our own ambulatory service.

Rest assured that when your horse is in our hospital or in need of surgery that they are receiving the best care possible. We proudly offer 24 hour on site care with video monitoring. For intensive care patients, we offer heated medical stalls.

We offer a wide variety of hospital and surgical options including impaction colic care, post-surgical care, intensive care, cryptorchid surgery, mass removals, routine castrations and much more.

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Therapy & Sports Medicine

At Leatherstocking Veterinary Group we offer state of the art sports medicine to help diagnose, treat, and heal a large variety of ailments. We offer lameness examinations, pre-purchase exams, endoscopy procedures, and chiropractic and laser therapies to help your horse regain natural and healthy function of their body

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Dental Care

Our dental services are offered in-house or on the farm performed by our veterinarians to ensure the health and safety of your horse at all times. We perform all procedures with the newest technology and can safely and comfortably improve and correct most dental problems. Common dental procedures include: routine floating and balancing, wolf tooth extraction, molar extraction, and correction of more serious dental abnormalities.

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Eye Care

Leatherstocking Veterinary Group offers a variety of eye health solutions for our equine patients. Our services include basic eye care services as well as advanced eye care services. Depending on your horse’s needs, our veterinarians provide in-house hospital care for horses with conditions that need consistent intensive treatment or emergency situations involving trauma or laceration.

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