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Externship Opportunities

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Student Opportunities at Leatherstocking Veterinary Group

Leatherstocking Veterinary Services offers third and fourth year veterinary students the opportunity to participate in a large animal externship in a bovine/equine practice with a reproduction specialty. Students will ride with our ambulatory veterinarians performing herd health and sick animal bovine work. You can expect to perform rectal and physical exams as well as necessary treatments under the guidance of the attending veterinarian. Interested students will have the chance to review computerized dairy records (DC 305) and make recommendations on dairy nutrition problems.

Equine oriented students are encouraged to visit the clinic from February through July. During this time, you will be expected to help with foaling, palpate and perform artificial insemination in mares, and collect and extend stallion semen. Students may also assist in the semen freezing program.

Housing is provided for all students at no charge.

For serious inquiries, please contact William Johnson at

Veterinary Technician Opportunities

Leatherstocking Veterinary Services also offers an extern program for second year veterinary technician students from February through July. Veterinary technician students will work alongside our technician staff doing in-house procedures. Our haul-in, surgery, and reproductive areas of the clinic are very busy during the spring.

Students will assist with foal and mare care, in-patient animal care, stallion collection and mare artificial insemination. Students will learn a variety of skills including horse handling, catheter placement and fluid therapy, intravenous and intramuscular injections, and lab techniques.
Housing is provided for all students at no charge.

For serious inquiries, please contact the clinic at