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Routine & Emergency Care

Excellent care for all your animals.

Around the clock, excellent care.

Whether you have one horse or one hundred, LVS offers on-farm routine and emergency care to horses within a 50-mile radius of New Berlin, NY. Our routine calls include yearly vaccinations, Coggins, physical exams, dental exams, herd health services, deworming protocols, nutritional consultations, and in house lab testing. We also offer in-clinic appointments which are scheduled for early morning or afternoon.

Leatherstocking offers 6 ambulatory veterinarians serving area farms. Our services include on-farm sick cow examinations, treatments and surgeries with 24/7/365 emergency coverage.

Our Routine Care Includes:

Yearly Vaccinations

Along with regular examinations, staying up to date on vaccinations is one of the best and most effective ways to protect your animal’s health. We offer yearly vaccines and follow NYS vaccine protocols and the guidelines of the AAEP. During routine exams and checkups we will discuss which vaccinations your animal(s) will need.


We complete a coggins test by drawing blood to test your horse for Equine Infectious Anemia, also known as EIA or Swamp Fever. It is a viral disease for horses and is spread primarily by bloodsucking insects. Coggins testing & certificates are required by law in NY and most states.

Physical Exams

Should your animal experience lameness, we will complete a physical examination to identify the source. A physical examination includes palpation, flexion tests, and joint or nerve blocks. Depending on the situation, radiographs, ultrasound or laboratory testing may also be necessary.

Dental Exams

Routine dental care is essential to your animal’s health. Regular examinations and floating are necessary to ensure your animals teeth wear evenly and avoid any potentially painful problems. Sedation can be given to make it safer and more comfortable to perform dental procedures.

Herd Health Services

Our veterinarians will work with your herd and your individual management needs. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of food animal production and provide you with the highest quality medical and surgical services.

Deworming Protocols

Depending on the animal being seen your veterinarian will complete an exam along with a fecal examination.  We will help you determine what deworming protocol is best for your animal or herd to prevent any problems occurring from parasites.

Nutritional Consultation

We stress the importance of the connection between nutrition management and optimum health for your animal. We offer nutritional counseling to evaluate your animal or herd’s dietary needs and make suggestions for improvements. We also evaluate and help manage individual dietary restrictions and needs.

In House Lab Work

Our in-house lab allows our clients to have accurate results without the wait during their routine and emergency visits.  Our services include blood panels (CBC/Chemistry), thyroid levels, lyme, ulcer fecal-blood test, quantitative fecal, uterine culture and cytology, IgG, and semen processing, evaluation, and freezing.

Need Emergency Animal Care?

If you have a horse or other large animal that is experiencing an emergency please call us at 607-847-9990.

You will be connected to our emergency answering line and your veterinarian will be notified of your emergency.

Once your emergency has been called in at 607-847-9990 your veterinarian will be notified of your emergency. You will then receive a return phone call from your veterinarian regarding your emergency.

Your veterinarian will contact you. Upon reaching you, your veterinarian will gather information on the type of emergency your animal is experiencing. They will discuss with you what you need to do in the current moment and if need be will dispatch to your location to assist or have you bring the animal to our clinic for further evaluation.

If your horse or animal is bleeding – Apply pressure to the wound.
If your horse is collicking – Get them up and walking.

Depending on the type of emergency situation your horse or other animal is experiencing, your veterinarian will give you advice or instructions over the phone, dispatch to your location, or have you bring your animal to our clinic in New Berlin. Your vet will discuss with you the best options and needs for your animal.

A follow up appointment may be scheduled.

24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Coverage