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Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine & Lameness

Our veterinarians have the training and the equipment to diagnose and treat many lameness and sports medicine problems at our location or on your farm. Our clinic setting provides a warm, weather-friendly facility where we can efficiently work up any lameness issue from the simple to the very involved, or work with horses that are referred from outside of our practice area.

Lameness Examination

All lameness exams begin with a discussion of the horse’s history and a physical exam. Most exams include an evaluation of the horse in motion, in hand or under saddle, and flexion tests. Other diagnostic tools such as nerve and joint blocks can help to isolate the lameness to a particular area of the limb. Digital radiography and ultrasound are often used to diagnose the cause of the lameness.

Lameness Therapies

Once a diagnosis has been determined we offer a variety of therapies to help your horse become more comfortable and heal. Some of our therapies include Chiropractic, Laser Therapy, Joint Injections, Supplements, and Drug Therapy.

Pre-Purchase Exams

At our facility or on the farm, our pre-purchase exams include a thorough physical examination, an eye exam, a musculoskeletal evaluation, and a soundness evaluation via flexion test. In addition to our basic pre-purchase exams we encourage our client to utilize our portable digital radiography and endoscopy for further evaluation.


Endoscopy is mostly used for examining the airways and stomach, although it also can also be used to examine the oesophagus, guttural pouch examinations, and bladder.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is known as a system of identifying and adjusting misaligned segments of the spine and limbs. Adjustments to the vertebral column are used to restore normal motion and function to the horse’s body.

There are numerous stressful and common events that can lead to a subluxation including:

  • Conformation of the horse
  • Saddle and tack fit
  • Repetitive training/job (cart horse, stallion mounting a phantom)
  • Ability of the rider
  • Trauma

These events can cause abnormal or decreased movement to occur in the spine. This results in stiffness which further leads to increased resistance and decreased performance.

The most common symptom associated with a spinal subluxation is pain- this can be shown in numerous ways. Some indications that chiropractic evaluation and adjustment may be beneficial to your horse include:

  • Reduced performance
  • Back pain, stiffness or changes in posture
  • Negative behavior or attitude changes
  • Shortened stride or lameness during performance
  • Difficulty or inability to collect or take a lead
  • Cold backed or ‘cinchy’
  • A recent injury or fall

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is relatively new to the equine health world although its benefits have been incorporated in the human and small animal health industry for several years. Purchased in 2012, our 4th generation portable MLS Laser Therapy unit is helpful in treating many health problems. The many benefits of laser therapy include:


Anti-inflammatory effects help to reduce sites of inflammation in minimal time.

Tissue repair & Cell growth

For any soft tissue injuries including pulled or bowed tendons.

Improved Vascular Activity

Aids in a faster wound healing & reduced granulation tissue formation.

Pain Relief

Pain relief for areas of stress that may cause lameness including arthritis.