Phantom Training

Our well-trained professionals help guide your stallion to understand phantom collection in a safe manner with patience and experience. Sometimes training young (or old) stallions to accept the phantom can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We pride ourselves in using as natural a teaching process as possible without harsh corrections to your stud. +

Usda Certified Semen Export Center

Leatherstocking Equine Center is also a USDA Certified Semen Export Center allowing us to ship semen to different countries around the world including; Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. +

Fresh Chilled Semen

We are fully equipped to collect, process, and ship fresh chilled semen anywhere in the country and southeast Canada. Each collection is evaluated for density, motility and morphology before being shipped. Incoming shipments are also evaluated prior to insemination. Your stallion is handled by our dedicated professionals during the entire process. +

Frozen Semen

Leatherstocking Equine is proud to be one of the top semen freezing and storage facilities in the area. Our staff provides an extensive evaluation of your stallion’s semen to determine whether it will be suitable to freeze. Freezing semen is a delicate process in which not every stallion will be suitable for. Our automatic freezer allows for a more effective and efficient freezing process, creating shorter stays for your stallion with maximum results. +

Breeding Soundness Exams & Problem Breeder Evaluations

Whether you are looking to purchase a breeding stallion or are having problems with fertility LVS offers a variety of options and solutions. For our breeding soundness exams we offer a full semen evaluation and ultrasound with a complete physical examination of your stallion’s reproductive organs. Through the use of our Nucleocounter and video recording microscope we can assure that our evaluations are accurate and precise. For our problem breeder evaluations we offer extensive evaluations and testing to figure out what will help your stallion succeed in his reproductive career. +